Exercise Machines

These machines are for moving people to move themselves upon.
Date Created: 2011-07-21
The Shockra
The shockra exercise and invigorating electric shock for your partner.
Walker at Maker Faire
The Walker at The Maker Faire. Intense Children.
Electrisize Machines Cover
Electrisize Machines! Calisthenics and sensors for healthful interfacing!
walker diagram!
Walker for balance strength and fun. Accelerometers and gyroscopes provide exercise dependent input to an array of smart devices.
Soup Stir Diagram
Soup stirring exercise. Uses the hall effect to detect the motion of the spoon.
Foot Spinner Footless
Foot Spinner Footless
Foot Spinner With Feet
Foot Spinner with Feet
Walker Birds Eye
Walker Bird's Eye View.
Walker For balance and beautiful strides.
Soup Stirring Action
Soup Stirrer, Action Shot!
Soup Stirrer
Soup Stirring and Back elongating. Torsion stretch.
Finger Walker Oro
Finger Walking Dexterity. Tilt switches detect rhythm. Finger speed controls zoom in and out of fractal landscapes.
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Electrisize Machines At Maker Faire NYC 2011 Health 2.0 Tent!!!

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